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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 5

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Click Here To Watch Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 5 Online Here

The Garuda was on the border of antibacterial faedom until daydream Bo (Anna Silk) and her accompany -- Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), Lauren (Zoie Palmer), Trick (Richard Howland) and Hale (K.C. Collins) -- managed to vanquish their age-old adversary. Victory came with a top amount tag, though. Love was lost. Lives were sacrificed. Secrets were appear and Bo accepted her aphotic side. In the aftermath, in fact things accept calmed down abundant for the assemblage to aces up the pieces and bolt their breath, right? Not exactly.

When the third Season of "Lost Girl" bliss off on January 6 (on Showcase in Canada; Jan. 14 on SyFy in the US), there will be a abstruse new fae called Tamsin ("Birds of Prey"'s Rachel Skarsten) in town. An approaching blackmail is aswell looming and Bo has been acting affectionate of aberrant lately...

On the final day of filming for Season 3, Silk, Holden-Ried, Solo, Palmer, Howland and Skarsten aggregate on set to aggravate what's to appear in the third year of "Lost Girl."

New Girl

So far, Tamsin's accurate fae attributes is heavily classified, but there's no abstinent her attendance is basic to the season's all-embracing arc; she'll be afraid up the accumulation dynamic. For now, though, Tasmin's blood-stained white blouse and a arena involving her acutely blood-soaked acquaintance are acceptable break of how acute the affairs are.

"Tamsin comes in to the mix and you're not in fact abiding what her motivations are," explains Skarsten. "While she's actual direct, blunt, adventurous and says it like it is and has in fact no amusing adroitness whatsoever, there's a accomplished added ancillary to her and all these added levels that are baldheaded as the Season goes along. There's a absolute vulnerability there that I've enjoyed advertent myself."

Much like Bo, Tamsin has some mommy issues. This time around, that affectionate amount will be played by sci-fi ability and "Lost Girl" guest-star, Linda Hamilton. "It was in fact neat," offers Skarsten about administration awning time with Hamilton. "Her movie, 'The Terminator,' was fabricated afore I was born. That little film. I've acutely apparent it and to in fact accommodated her and for her to be so admirable ... she's not alone talented, but she's a absolute treat. That was a absolute pleasure. I acquainted absolutely honoured because anybody is actuality all the time and I just fly into the appearance and get to plan with this alarming lady."